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I am a goal seeker. It doesn't matter my next goal; the question that matters to me is to find its way and maybe build its way to achieve. Always I'm sprightful when I'm in the progress of making my goals; I inquired myself, the rest is not as pleased as the achieving time as overcoming obstacles.
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Honors & Awards



Always in Progress

H.B.J Co., Yasouj, Iran

  • Audited and analyzed the company’s financial portfolio.
  • Researched and predicted Gold as the market with the highest profit in the following year.
  • Stimulated and presented Gold as a portion of the company’s financial portfolio.
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Chief Executive Officer

H.B.J Co., Construction Department, Yasouj, Iran

  • Brainstormed and cooperated in designing (external and internal), and conceptualized executive plan between more than five alternatives.
  • Planned and upgraded periodically scheduling of a 10-unit building construction project.
  • Investigated and integrated the processes and tried to devise and redevise them regularly in each step.
  • Handled and optimized budget and procedures management to coordinate with bank payments based on construction progress to prevent construction closure, and reduced costs by allocating budget.
  • Negotiated with supplies companies by removing intermediaries to lower the prices, which exceeded the company’s profits.
  • Arranged and integrated purchase while we faced the last 20 percent of the project a 5-fold rise in commodity prices without pulling down the quality of the commodity.
  • Settled issues such as financial, contracts, constitutionals, municipality, and to name but a handful.
  • Supervised and spearheaded the 10-unit building construction project’s implementation.
  • Detected the building’s facade as best executed of the year by the provincial mass builders’ office.
  • Increased company financial portfolio, and reached more than expected profit by taking the loan from the bank, we doubled its profit by five times.
  • Influenced and endorsed the company’s board in financial management, consequently became a member of the finance department after the project completion.
Department of Training, Research, and Technology expert

Department of Training, Research and Technology; Industry, Mine and Trade Organization, Yasouj, Iran
 “I conscripted as a government staff in Industry, Mine and Trade Organization as my military service.”

  • Performed and Established issuance and renewal, permits and licenses, toward technical and engineering services, research and development, as well as industrial and mineral research centers.
  • Communicated and Expanded research and academic centers with industrial companies, sustained knowledge-based companies, and discovered and identified the province’s research priorities.
  • Accelerated and Improved introducing university students to industrial, mining, and trade companies to do a thesis (related matters), as well as collaborated the internship program for young university graduates (FAJED) and provided internships through companies.
  • Developed and Coordinated specific courses such as conferences, workshops, and to name just two, in various; technical, management, and specialized fields to enhance the knowledge and insight of the industry, mine and trade owners, and staff.
  • Volunteered to consult colleagues in real estate investment.
Sales and Marketing Manager

Pakish Co., Kish & Tehran, Iran

  • Steered and executed import and export all kinds of industrial machinery; tower cranes, mobile cranes, and workshop elevators (brand-new & stock).
  • Participated in exhibitions, to communicate with potential customers, as well as designed and translation of brochures.
  • Negotiated with Chinese Companies to import, and Kurdistan of Iraq to export.
  • Generated a part of contractions via barter, real estate,  with potential companies for competing competitors.
  • Augmented and delivered the company’s turnover by 20 percent due to running the sales department.
  • instructed colleague’s skills (English Language).

Sales and Marketing Specialist

PSS CO., Yasouj, Iran 


  • Implemented sales of home appliances, digital devices, and IT.
  • Brainstormed in the company’s sales increase and communication.
  • Surpassed four of the company’s sales and marketing staff.
  • Deployed the online sales website (Digital Vitrin).
Salesman and Mobile phone repairman

Dowlatkhah Store, Deh Dasht, Iran

  • Repaired mobile phone.

Valiasr Jewelry Store, Deh Dasht, Iran

(Summer job)

  • Assisted Sales

Professional Experience

Business Development Manager

H.B.J Co., Yasouj, Iran

  • Proposed and ensured building construction as a portion of the company’s financial portfolio.
  • Fostered and enlivened building construction business.
  • Authored and illustrated a feasibility study for the 10-unit building.
  • Participated in the dilapidated buildings’ auction in the best areas of the city.
  • Negotiated and convinced the bank, Maskan Bank, to participate in the construction investment, about 45% of the investment, as loan.



Investigating factors affecting life insurance sales success for competitive advantage

Kosar Insurance of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Yasouj,  Iran


Identifying and prioritizing the Critical success factors (CSF) of digital product websites (Case Study: Digital Vitrin Website)

Parsa System Sprooz Company, Yasouj, Iran

Data Analyzer

Identifying factors affecting the CEM of domestic and foreign tourists

Marcopolo Iran Touring Co., Tehran, Iran


Investigating innovation and creativity solutions to improve employee productivity (Case study: Industry, Mine and Trade organization of Kohgiluyeh & Boyer-Ahmad Province)

Industry, Mine and Trade organization of Kohgiluyeh & Boyer-Ahmad Province, Yasuj, Iran

Data Analyzer

Presenting a framework for implementing CRM  in Iran Insurance Company

Iran Insurance Company, Tehran, Iran


The effect of customer knowledge management on online shopping(Case Study: Digital Vitrin Website)

Parsa System Sprooz Company, Yasouj, Iran

Data Analyzer

Investigating the impact of demographic variables and customers’ mental conflict on the purchase of fake luxury brands(Case study: Tehran garment industry)

Tehran, Iran


The Effectiveness of the Promotion Mix, with an Emphasis on the reinforcement of brand positioning and customers’ loyalty (Case study: Coffee's Brands), Iran Cagliari Coffee, Esfahan, Iran

Cagliari Coffee importer company, Esfahan, Iran


Identify the Critical success factor of B2C tourism websites from the perspective of experts website, Kish Island, Iran


Investigating the role of trust in social networks on the effectiveness of advertising

Aram Company, Mashhad, Iran


Identifying and prioritizing investment opportunities in the industry and mining sector of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province

Industry, Mine and Trade organization of Kohgiluyeh & Boyer-Ahmad Province, Yasuj, Iran

Feasibility study
Polystyrene foam company
Asphalt production
Nylon and plastic stuff
Non-reinforced and prefabricated concrete products
Physical and virtual sales chain store by using the Mobile App and Website.  ‘In partnership with Mr.Shayan’
10-unit building construction

Leadership Position

(Seminar Coordination)

September 2017
Improving the security of the administrative system and preventing depravity
April 2017
Concepts and generalities of E-government
May 2017

Free Trade Zones(Import & Export)

February 2017
Environment and Energy
January 2017
Basics of preparing geological maps
April 2017
General mine sampling
November 2017
Basics of Mining

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
(Ranked 1st best university in Iran based on USNews)

C GPA 3.66 – last Semester  GPA 4
Thesis topic: Prioritizing the importance of promotional mix elements in B2C and B2B markets using the SWARA, Thesis grade: 4
 the supervision of Dr.Hasangholi Pouryasouri, Dr.AsghariZadeh


Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature

Yasouj University, Yasouj, Iran

Honors & Awards

January 2017

Appreciation for Research & Technology Week for establishing the productive relationship between university and industry, mining, and trade companies.

Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade Organization, Yasouj, Iran

September 2015
Ranked within the top 10 % among the graduating class of 2015 in the master program.
University of Tehran

January 2005
Ranked 3rd in Physics test between top students of our city in High school.
August 2004
Ranked 1st among researchers of Deh Dasht city and Kohgiloye and Buyer Ahmad province High School Students.
Ministry of Education

Gandomkar M. Prioritizing the importance of promotional mix elements in B2C and B2B markets using the SWARA.  (To be submitted)

License & Certification

April 2017
Professional ethics in business
Iran Chamber of Commerce, Yaosuj, Iran.
October 2017
Introduction to VAT law and new changes in direct TAX law
Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, Yaosuj, Iran.
October 2016
Social Security laws and regulations
Iran Chamber of Commerce, Yaosuj, Iran.
July 2016
Principles and techniques of persuasion in negotiation
Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, Yaosuj, Iran.
May 2016
Determine finished product price
Iran Chamber of Commerce, Yaosuj, Iran.
January 2016
Innovation Management
Hamayesh Afarinan Tirazis, Shiraz, Iran.
November 2016
Strategic Management
Hamayesh Afarinan Tirazis, Shiraz, Iran.
April 2016
TEDx Kish
Kish Island, Iran.
June 2015
24-hour training workshop based on ‘Active Learning’ on SimBusiness: Developing entrepreneurial & Managerial Competencies
University of Tehran, Kish International Campus, Kish Island, Iran
March 2014
Communication & Negotiation
University of Tehran, Kish International Campus, Kish Island, Iran


Personal Skills

Time Management, Creativity, Decision Making, Teamwork, Self-motivation, Ability to Work under pressure, Strong work ethic, Communication, Analytical, Risk-taker, Adaptability,
Conflict Resolution, Leadership

Applied Software

MS Project

Language Skill

Persian: Native
English: Fluent

  • GRE General will be taken soon
  • TOEFL ibt will be taken soon

French: Familiar

Working with Morteza was one of my best experiences in the last few years. Highly conscientious, professional, and ethical. All that we needed for our project was provided through this collaboration.

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